Online Research Facilities - Through the use of Westlaw, our consultants are able to keep abreast of statutes and court decisions in Florida, as well as in all 50 states and the federal court system. In addition, through the use of Westlaw, our consultants are able to access various federal databases including the Code of Federal Regulations and United States Code. We consider these online research facilities to be an important asset to our clients.

Continuous Monitoring - Siver subscribes to the Florida Law Weekly, a publication of Judicial and Administrative Research Associates Incorporated, and the FLW Session Law Reporter published by Legal Publications, Inc. The Florida Law Weekly is published on a weekly basis and contains all of the appellate decisions published during the prior week in the State of Florida. We review each weekly edition and notify our clients when a decision is noted which might be of interest to our clients.

The FLW Session Law Reporter is published throughout the legislative session and includes all legislation enacted during the legislative session. Again, we notify our clients of such legislative developments which would seem to be of interest to them.

In addition, consultants at Siver subscribe to numerous internet based reporting services and discussion forums which help us to keep abreast of industry and legal changes throughout the country.

Library - Our firm maintains an extensive library. Our library includes many legal publications, of which many are specifically focused upon the legal issues relating to insurance and/or employee welfare benefits. We also subscribe to and retain a vast collection of industry and trade publications. This collection, in our opinion, includes all of the most important trade journals and reporting services in the insurance and employee welfare benefits industries.

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